the wisdom of the stars
We are each of us unique and nowhere is this more powerfully reflected than in the astrological birth chart. The chart reveals our character and desires, our past experiences and future potentials. Astrology is both practical and magical – we can use it to gain self-awareness, understand ourselves and our relationships, and navigate the passages of our lives. Through connecting with the celestial pattern at the time of our birth, and with the myths and stories contained within our chart, we re-connect to our life purpose and come home to ourselves.
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Announcing the launch of
The Centre for Astrology, Myth and Symbol
A community of tutors and students, united by a shared love of astrology’s relationship to mythology, archetype and symbol
Co-directors: Evelyn Roberts & Carole Taylor
Tutors: Brian Clark, Jason Holley, Clare Martin, Safron Rossi and Carole Taylor
The Astrology Podcast
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